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logo grupo etapa educacional

ETAPA is a leading education group in Brazil and has been offering quality education for over five decades from kindergarten to college.

School's Mission

We believe that education plays a crucial role in human development, hence our mission:
  • To find effective and efficient methods for the acquisition, development and transmission of values and knowledge
  • To be a model in education;
  • To promote critical thinking skills in the classroom and academic independence;
  • To help each student and each teacher achieve and in so doing enable them to make the world better, democratic and fair;
  • To provide partner institutions who share this vision with the support they need to take part.

Core Values

  • Tolerance and cultural relativism insofar as these principles may help foster the dissemination of knowledge and shun all forms of prejudice;
  • Efficiency in a student-centered environment that seeks to promote knowledge and values;
  • A meritocratic atmosphere that encourages hard work;
  • Clear and balanced rules;
  • Reliability.